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Computer and Network Security
People value the importance of IT security to guard their network and data from viruses, hackers and tracking software. No matter where you connect or how if you access the internet you need to make sure your computer is fully protected. If your wireless network is unsecured you are putting yourself in a dangerous position. Someone could be performing fraud, they could be illegally downloading music, they could be hacking into secured websites. And all of it will come back to you because they are doing it from your network. We can quickly and easily setup your secured wireless network to keep you safe.
How To Tell If You Need Help
Does your computer freeze for no reason or are you not able to connect to the internet? Do pop-up ads pop pop pop up everywhere when you're online? If you said yes, your computer could have a virus or malicious software such as ad or spyware. If you find you're surpassing your monthly downloads even though you haven't changed your usage habits, the problem could be a hacker hijacking your internet connection.
We Take Protection Seriously
At Extreme Internet we can put in place security measures and checks to safeguard your computer and network from outside threats. This could be as simple as loading anti-spam or anti-virus software right through to setting up high security firewalls to prevent your data being accessed by outsiders. And if your system has fallen prey to malicious software, we can help return it to its original speedy self. For some computer users the default firewall built into Windows is not enough security. A software firewall will monitor the traffic coming and going from your computer. It will stop any traffic it thinks looks suspicious. We can recommend and install a firewall that fits your needs and your budget.
Tips To Prevent Viruses From Infecting Your Computer
Here are some important tips that we offer our clients to keep them safe from being attacked by a virus:
  • Make sure that your network and each individual computer has proper anti-virus software
  • Take the time to make sure any wireless networks are secure
  • Never open e-mails from unknown sources
  • Use only well known Internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox
  • Never click on advertisements, error messages or links that show up in pop-up windows
  • Always keep the anti-virus software on your computer up to date
  • Never download software from websites that you are not familiar with or know
Never take a virus infection lightly. Let the virus removal and cleanup specialists at Extreme Internet professionally take care of it and get your computer running normally again.